Home Industry Buzz Shoppers Stop collaborates with Goonj for Mother’s Day

Shoppers Stop collaborates with Goonj for Mother’s Day

Shoppers Stop collaborates with Goonj for Mother’s Day

To celebrate Mother’s Day on 12th May 2019, Shoppers Stop encouraged its customers to bring in sarees that their mother no longer wore. These would be collected and donated to NGO Goonj for its work with rural communities.

As a reward, shoppers who contribute by to this cause were pampered with exclusive services like photoshoots, zumba sessions, nail arts, foot massage, hair styling, masterclasses and makeovers from various beauty brands and other in-store offers.

Uma Talreja, Customer Care Associate, Chief Marketing and Customer Officer, Shoppers Stop.

Goonj would send sarees in good condition to women in rural communities while unwearable cotton sarees will be used for making reusable cloth sanitary pads. Non-usable sarees will be shredded and woven into quilts, mats and multi-purpose reusable cloth bags.

Uma Talreja, Customer care Associate, Chief Marketing and Customer Officer at Shoppers Stop said, “All of us remember wrapping ourselves in our mothers’ saree pallu and tug at it for our mother’s attention and affection. This beautiful memory holds a lot of love and nostalgia for all Indians. Today, a lot of women have sarees they no longer wear. On Mother’s Day, we invited women to donate their sarees and help the underprivileged.”

Ruchika Gandhi, Leadership Team, Goonj said, “We are happy to see multiple saree donations since unlike in cities a lot of women in villages’ still wear sarees. We always have a gap in terms of sarees being contributed by cities and the huge need in the villages, so this is a very welcome step. We hope this inspires people to make it a regular practice, to give what they aren’t using and still make a difference to another person.” 




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