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Shopatainment – When shopping meets entertainment

Shopatainment – When shopping meets entertainment

Last year, Future Group tested a marketing idea for Big Bazaar’s popular shopping event ‘Sabse Saste 5Din’. It created a live event on Facebook, combining shopping with entertainment, where it partnered with various TV celebs and influencers. Within 24-hours, it managed to get over 10 million views. It also gave away almost 1.13 lakh coupons to customers resulting in 64% redemption rate and drove almost 1.8 lakh customers to the store.

Pawan Sarda, Head – Digital, Marketing Future Group explained that the company is using concepts like shoptainment to trigger conversations with customers and convert these into sales at scale. And he expects this trend to gain ground, going forth.

How do you plan customers to engage customers with your brand in 2019 across different touch points?

As a brand, AR, shoptainment, content will be used as a huge engagement driver with our users in coming times. We are also looking at how QR codes could add more value through showcasing content like videos and information about products, which are on shelf. We have seen gamification play a significant role in engagements and thus driving customers from online space to our stores.

Pawan Sarda, Head – Digital, Marketing Future Group.

What are some significant media outreach methods that Future Group undertook in 2018?

We largely focus on online to offline. We would be one of the biggest player to convert online customers to offline. We will use all platforms including Facebook and Google to create this.

One big marketing idea was created by Big Bazaar for its biggest Shopping event ‘Sabse Saste 5Din’. It was a 24-hours Facebook live event. The thought was to combine shopping with entertainment and create a new genre called ‘Shopatainment’. By using Facebook as a platform and partnering with various TV celebs and influencers, we drove over 10 million views within 24 hours and users could win coupons while watching this show. During this campaign, we gave away almost 1.13 lakh coupons resulting in redemption rate of 64% and driving almost 1.8 lakh customers to the store.

In the current era of customer experience, how do you plan to imbibe customer analytics to ensure targeted marketing? 

With our huge reserve of data through loyalty and other digital initiatives, we constantly analyse and derive learnings to sharpen targeting basis shopping pattern, frequency of visit, age, demography, gender etc. The intent is to leverage these digital tools and targeting parameters to show a personalized and a relevant offer or communication to customers.

Do you think that digital marketing overtaken conventional marketing?

We don’t think there is any as such thing as digital marketing taking over conventional. After all, it is marketing on the basis of understanding consumer needs and aspirations. The former happens in a digital ecosystem on mobiles and other touchpoints, while the latter takes place in mainline conventional media spaces. Indeed, there exists harmony between both and most of the time, they complement each other to bring about a multi-channel orchestration.

Leading players in retail are investing heavily in marketing to create better connect with consumers. How can they calculate the ROI?

Going forward, retail will be about who has the strongest connect. With price points and choice becoming hygiene factors, the stronger the brand connect and personalisation, the more the stickiness with the brand. With loyalty as a concept becoming to blur, a brand that is most relevant and speaks to a customer at the right time, right place and the right tonality will ultimately win the race. 

Three areas to focus while building retail connect:

  • Clear value proposition through offering, service, etc.
  • Build consumer connect though relevant stories for the target group.
  • Getting newer and new-age customers.




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