Home Mall Talk Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla heralds spring in full bloom

Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla heralds spring in full bloom

Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla heralds spring in full bloom

Phoenix Marketcity Kurla heralded spring-summer by transforming the mall into a garden of wild flowers, rare blossoms, bonsai, sacred trees, neck-craning floral sculptures and a gigantic floral installation. These are part of Bloom City.

The cynosure of the aesthetic spring décor is a 35-feet ‘Tree of Prosperity’ installation consisting of approximately 3-lakh flowers, designed by Tomas De Bruyne, a floral architect from Belgium. The famed artist said, “The installation is a unique amalgam of aesthetic design and utility which makes it a spectacular visual treat. The mall is so spacious and tastefully designed; it lends itself to my aesthetic vision seamlessly, and complements the installation perfectly.”

Indian artist Baisakhi Ghosh’s ‘Circle of Life’ floral orchestration at Bloom City uses the national flower, the lotus, to ponder on the transience of life and the cyclical nature of life-death-and life again, in its eternal continuum. Miniature paper sculptor Rajendra Gole masterfully crafts paper into miniature 3D sculptures with the minutest detailing.

Akshita Gandhi’s Garden of Equality sculpture consists of two forceful wave-shaped towers facing each other, made of a bed of flowers that rise from a chaotic framework of metal, just as women rise from the restrictive shackles of patriarchy. Her work has been showcased at several international art shows in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Miami as well.

The Indian Bonsai Society’s Bonsai Garden offers another interpretation of floral art in miniature scale, showcasing Japanese bonsai tree sculpting through its stunted plants. Displayed in the mall atrium, the aesthetic composition of these exhibits and the expertise involved in nurturing them is tangible. The Unstoppable installation is put down by a quartet of women – singer Ananya Birla, actress Juhi Chawla, tennis player Sania Mirza and model-actor Pooja Hegde, who all part of the Unstoppable music video.

Sharing her views on the décor, Mrs. Gayatri Ruia said, “At Phoenix Marketcity, we’ve always endeavoured to support the art, and this year, the theme of spring-summer has been brought to fruition in the form of Bloom City, a veritable bower of floral synchrony and artistic transcendence that has taken root within the vicinage of the mall. We’ve worked in conjunction with renowned artists to create installations, sculptures and exhibits that suffuse the décor with an almost-mythic aesthetic.”




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