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Lenskart: The power of personalization


A year ago, Faridabad-based eyewear retailer, Lenskart, released a TV ad campaign with actress Katrina Kaif called ‘How do I look?’ The commercial captured the buyer habit of sharing looks and gathering opinions, which is a major facet of online and offline shopping experience.

While many would dismiss this as just eye-catching optics, the fact of the matter is that Lenskart used data from this ad campaign to determine the number of customers downloading its app and trying on its 3D eyewear application. And results were gratifying.

Talking about this Amit Chaudhary, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Lenskart said, “So simple things like how do you track how your consumer flow is happening, like somebody is seeing your TV ad and downloading app and using the 3-D eyewear and doing his trial, that is one technology we invested in. It is used by 20,000 people a day, where somebody uploads their pic and get a 3-D mesh of their face and can try 30,000 frames at home through augmented reality. This AR works, because it is not necessary where the transaction is happening but where the selection is happening – within the comfort of the palms.”

Similarly, when customers need an eye check-up, they can either call someone to their home or go to the nearby Lenskart outlet to make the final transaction, after the examination.

Watch how Lenskart’s 3-D mesh creation from Ditto helped in better sales conversion across its online and offline formats. 

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