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Casual wear a changing trend in the workplace

FableStreet witnesses a changing trend of smart casual wear in work place

Casual wear a changing trend in the workplace

The modern Indian working woman- is smart, savvy, and aware of the trends and knows what she wants from her work-wear while looking for value for money. The smart casual wear is for the multi-tasker woman, who juggles responsibilities both at work and home and does not have enough time to shop.

Ayushi Gudwani- Founder & CEO, FableStreet

In the last decade, FableStreet, a premium work-wear brand, has witnessed a complete overhaul in the conventional sense. The dramatically changing trend of wearing casual clothes in the workplace has been growing over the years.

Ayushi Gudwani- Founder & CEO, FableStreet, said, “Gone are the days of women wearing skirts or neutral suits to the office. Most workplaces require their employees’ attire to be clean, safe and on-brand. Unfortunately, most formal work-wear brands in India are unable to meet these needs. The Indian woman seeks work-wear that’s comfortable, trendy and flatters her body type. We fill this market gap and meet the demands of this growing customer base through designs that see the core product pillars – quality, comfort and fit. Our standard sizes are not the typical European standard sizes but created using proprietary algorithm to better suit the Indian body type.”

The FableStreet’s designers takes care that every garment is created with premium fabric and functional details such as pockets, stretch, no-sheer, etc. to provide maximum comfort and value for money.

While talking about the sales targets and various offers for the festive season, she said, “We are expecting a growth of 25% month-on-month, with our upcoming launch of fusion wear collection. We will also be offering an exclusive pricing or markdowns on special occasions. We come up with a wholesome mix of new collections every month keeping in mind the needs of the working woman. We have also collaborated with established designers like Nandita Basu for unique designer work-wear (the first of its kind) that combine the designer’s vision with the brand’s ethos and aesthetics. We also have a carefully-curated line of accessories for a complete work-wear look. This ensures 50% month-on-month repeat customers- building a community of loyalists and advocates.”





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